Taglines – THE GOLDBERGS (Dirty Dancing/Footloose Episode)
    – Kick off your Wednesday pants...with The Goldbergs!
    – This Wednesday, nobody puts The Goldbergs in a corner.
    – It will be the TV time of your life...with The Goldbergs!
    – It’s time to cut loose...with The Goldbergs!
    – This Wednesday, The Goldbergs will win your heart...with their feet.​


    – They are everywhere...living in our community...working at our               jobs...teaching our kids...actually being our kids...they                             are gamers and their time is now!
    – It’s the great American pastime...for a new generation...
    – eSports, where anyone can take control...
    – Come on, you know you like to watch...and so do 134 million

       other people...eSports that is...
    – Last year 134 million people were watching it...in their                         bedrooms...on their computers...it’s eSports and it ain’t coming –         it’s already here!
    – The future of sports is now...
    – The future of competition is now...
    – In 2015, the World Series had 15 million viewers...The NBA Finals:         26 million viewers...The League of Legends Championship Series?         32 MILLION VIEWERS.


Laura Napoli


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